ME-Zone An Empowering Idea

The ME-Zone Theory can help you reach your potential!  Research has shown that education brings in only part of the experiences that we need to be ready to meet the workforce … Continue reading

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March 10, 2015

Art Resources

Looking for links to information for art history, digital design, or portfolio classes? Click to go to the Resource Page

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Original Thinking

Are you “Creative”?  Many people associate “creativity” with the arts – but what do we call it when people use new, novel ideas in science, technology, and business?  We think … Continue reading

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Student Voice

Take off the gag and let me learn!  (Quote from a student regarding her high school experience.) . What are students saying about their learning experiences – especially when it … Continue reading

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Cultures that must change

What is holding original thinking back from taking hold in our schools and homes?  We have educational cultures in place that hold individuals into a “well-rounded” model. Education is hampered … Continue reading

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Student portfolios

Giving a voice to students through their portfolios!  Click through to see the artwork created by CCAC students and if you know of anyone who needs photos, logos, animations . … Continue reading

March 1, 2013