ME-Zone An Empowering Idea


The ME-Zone Theory can help you reach your potential!  Research has shown that education brings in only part of the experiences that we need to be ready to meet the workforce needs for original thinking.  Each person must become aware of their original thinking and find resources to grow and implement it.  You have likely found that there is a specific area where you have original thoughts and you get energy from your thinking.  I call that your Original Thinking Area or OTA.  How can you grow your thinking in your OTA?  You might find that a mentor,  parent, or guardian provides encouragement and guidance to find your path.  Perhaps there is an educator in your interest area who can partner with you.  In addition to reaching out to others, you need to find internal drive to find your own way and network.  Once you know about the need for self-efficacy and intrinsic motivation, your task is to implement it and put your efforts to action!  There are links in this site for information for mentors, parents/guardians, educators, curriculum planners, as well as individuals to learn more about the ME-Zone and how to use the idea to grow your original thinking!  You were created to be an original thinker and  we need each person to reach their potential to enrich our society.


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